Veedfald Electronic Serviceteam is always ready for providing an optimal and professional service, whether it comes to installation, startup, upgrading, moving, maintenance or repair. Our essential service region is the wood and glass industry.
We train our customer service engineers in rapid problem solution where ever possible.

Our customer service engineers are always ready to advice you about preventive maintenance so standstills and deprivation is minimized.


Wood desiccation

Veedfald Electronic services Junget, Nardi and Incomac drying rooms worldwide, starting-up, repairing and calibration of equipment in drying- rooms. Repair of printed circuitboards and PC-devices for wood desiccation.Torrestuerx2011213..

In wood desiccation we have more than 18 years experience, because Veedfald Electronic Aps has been involved in developing the hardware and software, and since then servicing the industry. has been working the past year intensively getting the same experience in the Nardi wood -desiccationprogram.

Our technicians are always ready to advice our customers about wood desiccation.

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Tlf. 50 50 39 41
Paw Baltzersen
Morten Jensen

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